Mona Mansour





From this scrum emerges a PRACTICAL WOMAN. She separates from the group, tone changes, she speaks to us confidentially about her Black Friday preparations:

I don't know about all that. What I know is, my husband goes fishing. And he goes hunting. And he gets himself all worked up, all worked up, chasing around whatever. I don't need to shoot an animal, that's not my thing. I get myself prepared, I look everything up before I go, I KNOW where I'm going to go once I get inside, I have a map in my head. For when I get in the store. For the night before I bring a folding chair, two blankets, a gallon of water, sometimes I bring a whole loaf of bread, it's not heavy, and cheese or peanut butter, for other people too. Some of us do that. And then I wait, and, then, then they open the doors and I. I'm not saying it's like hunting, but I'm light on my feet, I know how to move through people, it's intuition, it's, you gotta go with your gut, and I get -- I mean. I walk away with a Toshiba, forty-nine inches, LED, HDTV, a hundred and forty nine dollars - what? Yeah. That's what I'm walking away with. People don't want to put effort in anymore. You don't like the crowds, don't come. It's not for everybody.